INDESIT IBD5515S Free Standing Fridge Freezer - Spacious & Energy Efficient

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The INDESIT IBD5515S is a freestanding fridge freezer with a 209L capacity. It features Low Frost technology to reduce ice build-up, and a wine rack to store your bottles. It also has LED lighting and a reversible door for convenience. Shop now

Detailed Description

Additional Info

The INDESIT Free Standing Fridge Freezer IBD5515S is a versatile and practical home appliance designed to offer high-quality cooling and freezing solutions for your refreshing beverages and foodstuffs. This free-standing fridge freezer delivers exceptional performance through its unique features.

The INDESIT IBD5515S boasts of a total gross capacity of 234 litres, guaranteeing ample space and perfect organization for all your food, and drink storage needs. The fridge section offers a capacity of 150 litres, containing three glass shelves and dual salad bins, perfect for organizing your dairy, fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients. On the other hand, the freezer compartment provides a net capacity of 67 litres, ensuring enough space for all your meet, ready meals, or ice cream.

The low frost technology incorporated in this ENDESIT IBD5515S fridge freezer ensures minimum frost, contributing to its energy efficiency and reducing the frequency of defrosting. This model is rated A+ for its energy efficiency, which means it does not only ensure excellent refrigeration but also helps in reducing your family’s energy usage, making it an affordable cooling and freezing solution.

With a noise level of just 44dB, the INDESIT IBD5515S is nearly silent in operation, making it perfect for open-plan living spaces. Additionally, this model features a special Super Freeze function, which speeds up the freezing process, perfect for preserving the quality of your food and eliminating the risk of bacteria growth whenever you add new items to the freezer.

The INDESIT IBD5515S's static cooling system emphasizes its commitment to functionality and convenience. With this feature, cool air is circulated within the fridge compartment, keeping your food evenly chilled and reducing the chances of any hotspots or icy build-ups. For safety, this fridge freezer is also equipped with a reversible door which allows for installation based on your kitchen layout.

Topping it all off, the contemporary silver finish of INDESIT IBD5515S gives it a sleek and modern appearance, making it a perfect addition to every kitchen design. Combining its practical features and stylish design, this model is definitely a top choice for modern refrigeration.

Technical specifications

  • Average annual energy consumption in kilowatt hour per year (kWh/a): 274
  • Energy Efficiency Class: F
Structural features
  • Sum of volume of frozen compartments: 100
  • Type: Fridge Freezer
  • Total volume of the product: 254
  • Installation type :Freestanding
  • Number of Adjustable Shelves in fridge compartment 2
  • Adjustable feet: Yes, front only
  • Thermometer freezer section: None
  • Number of shelves in fridge compartment: 3
  • Warning signal / Malfunction: No signal
  • Colour: Silver
  • EAN code: 8050147603475
  • Defrost process fridge section: Manual
  • Sum of volume of chill compartments: 154
  • Type of control: Mechanical
  • Number of freezing drawers: 4
  • Freezing Capacity (4-star Compartment): 5
  • F Code: F160347
  • 12NC: 859991603470
  • Commercial Code: IBD 5517 S UK 1