We repair all kitchen appliances including fridge freezers, washing machines, ovens, dishwashers, cookers, and more.

We are dedicated to bringing our professionalism, expertise, and technical knowledge in diagnosing and rectifying your appliance.

Take advantage of our online repair booking service which is directly integrated with our schedule system.
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How much will my appliance repair cost?

We charge a fixed price of £79 + VAT + parts for a completed repair (any day service). If you want same day/next day service it will be £99 + VAT + parts. Reduced to £45 + VAT if Beyond Economical Repair.

We visit your property and diagnose the problem with your appliance and tell you if it needs any parts. For this, we will only charge you £45 + VAT. If we can repair your appliance then the total charge will only be £79 + VAT + parts. In case we need to visit your property more than once there will be no extra charge for that. Also, in many cases, no parts are required.

What if you can't repair my appliance?

If you are not happy with the cost of the parts, or if your appliance is Beyond Economical Repair, the charge is only £45 + VAT. This covers our admin costs, the engineer's time, as well as travel costs.

What if my appliance goes wrong again?

If your appliance goes wrong again within 28 days of completion of our repair, and the fault is the same as the one we rectified, we will repair it back at no extra cost.