Hotpoint DHG65SG1CX Gas Cooker - Fuel-Efficient & Spacious Kitchen Appliance

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The Hotpoint DHG65SG1CX is a freestanding gas cooker in stainless steel with inox finish. It combines an oven, grill, and 4 gas burner hobs. Spend more time cooking and less time cleaning with catalytic cleaning liners. Elevate your culinary experience today

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The HOTPOINT Gas Cooker DHG65SG1CX is a state-of-the-art freestanding cooker that runs on gas and provides a dynamic cooking experience for kitchen enthusiasts. Featuring an array of functionalities, this kitchen appliance caters to all your food preparation needs.

The gas cooker comes with a double oven that enables you to multitask. From baking pastries to grilling vegetables, the cooker can handle everything with ease. The top oven has a capacity of 57 litres and the lower oven has a spacious capacity of 65 litres. The oven is fan-assisted which ensures uniform heating and perfectly cooked meals every time.

Another standout feature of the HOTPOINT Gas Cooker DHG65SG1CX is its four-burner gas hob. The burners are carefully spaced to allow you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, without any spatial constraints. Additionally, the hob is equipped with a flame safety device, meaning the gas supply will cut off automatically if the flame goes out, which significantly improves home safety.

Functionality aside, the gas cooker is also a testament to minimalist yet practical design. Rendered in a sleek silver finish, this cooker adds modern elegance to any kitchen. The cooker's dimensions of H90 x W60 x D60 cm makes it an easy fit for most kitchen spaces.

To enhance your overall cooking experience, the cooker features a digital display timer and clock which lets you keep track of cooking time. Also, the glass doors of the oven are double glazed, which not only helps in proper insulation but gives you a clear view of the dish being cooked.

The HOTPOINT Gas Cooker DHG65SG1CX is also known for its ease of cleaning. The catalytic liners automatically deal with any spills or splashes during cooking by oxidising away the mess at high temperatures, making your clean-up process easier.

  • Power usage:
    • Gas powered: Less power consumption compared to electric models
    • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Weight: Approximately 48 kg
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 90 cm
    • Width: 60 cm
    • Depth: 60 cm
  • Features:
    • Gas hob: 4 burners
    • Main oven: Conventional gas oven
    • Secondary oven: Gas grill
    • Oven capacity: Main oven - 77 litres, secondary oven - 32 litres
    • Cleaning: Vapour clean
    • Safety features: Flame failure safety device
    • Accessories: 2 standard shelves, grill tray, roasting dish, and LED display with programmable timer