Hisense RB395N4AW1 High-Capacity Free Standing Fridge Freezer Combo

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Discover the Hisense RB395N4AW1, a spacious fridge freezer with advanced cooling technology and adjustable shelves. Keep your food fresh and organized. Upgrade your kitchen essentials now!

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The HISENSE Free Standing Fridge Freezer RB395N4AW1 is an excellent cooling appliance that perfectly combines style and functionality. It presents a sleek freestanding design, adding an aesthetic touch to your kitchen while providing superior storage options for your perishable goods.

This fridge freezer from Hisense stands tall at 2 meters, giving you ample capacity of 260 liters for the fridge and 95 liters for the freezer. This spaciousness allows you to neatly store a large number of items, ranging from fresh produce to frozen foods, without any issue with overcrowding.

The HISENSE Free Standing Fridge Freezer RB395N4AW1 ensures not only storage convenience but also optimal temperature regulation. It comes with a built-in total no frost technology, which prevents the build-up of frost in your fridge freezer. This feature ensures your appliance runs efficiently and your food stays fresh for a longer period.

The Reversible Door feature of this fridge freezer maximizes kitchen space and suits your preferred layout. Additionally, it comes with transferable Glass Shelves and Door Balconies, allowing you to customise the internal space according to your storage needs.

Packed with utility and aesthetics, the HISENSE Free Standing Fridge Freezer RB395N4AW1 also rates highly on energy efficiency. It has been rated with an A+ Energy Efficiency, ensuring it operates optimally while consuming less power and reducing your energy bills.

The HISENSE Free Standing Fridge Freezer RB395N4AW1 adds convenience with its Easy Approach Drawer feature. The hassle-free pull-out drawer allows you to access and organise your food items with ease, making it an essential appliance in your everyday life.

  • Power Usage: Energy Rating: A+
  • Weight: Not specified in the available information.
  • Dimensions: (H)1860 mm x (W)595 mm x (D)589 mm
  • Features:
    • Total Gross Capacity: 323 liters
    • Fridge Net Capacity: 207 liters
    • Freezer Net Capacity: 93 liters
    • Frost-Free Technology
    • Fan Cooling in Fridge
    • Fast Freeze Function in Freezer
    • 2-Year Guarantee