High-Efficiency STATESMAN DELTA50W Cooker for Modern Kitchen

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Experience efficiency with the STATESMAN DELTA50W, a 50cm freestanding cooker offering electric oven and hob. Designed for modern kitchens with its easy-clean features and energy-saving technology. Upgrade now for a seamless cooking journey!

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The STATESMAN Cooker DELTA50W is a distinguished appliance that introduces superior technology into your kitchen experience. This remarkable cooker is a blend of innovative design and high-quality functionality, ensuring you get superb results every time you cook.

As a freestanding cooker, the DELTA50W model provides you with the option to conveniently place it anywhere in your kitchen. Measuring 50cm in width, it offers a compact solution without compromising on cooking space, making it an ideal fit for kitchens of all sizes.

The four-ring electric hob on top of this cooker offers rapid and responsive heat, providing you control over your stir-fries, boiling or simmering. The ceramic surface not only enhances the cooker's stylish appearance but also makes cleaning extremely easy.

With a combined oven and grill, this STATESMAN cooker presents versatile cooking options. The main oven has a generous 67 litres capacity, adequate for daily needs or cooking a feast for family gatherings. Also, the combined grill provides the ability to brown off dishes beautifully and make delicious grilled meals.

The DELTA50W is furnished with a double-glazed oven door which ensures better insulation and energy efficiency, plus a cooler exterior panel. This makes it safe for households with young children. Equipped with a mechanical timer, this cooker allows you to set accurate cooking times, ensuring delectable and well-cooked meals on every occasion.

Finished in a sleek white colour, this STATESMAN cooker aligns with various kitchen designs, adding a classy and chic touch. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of one year, which testifies to the confidence of the manufacturer in the cooker's quality and durability.

  • Product Details:
    • Model: Whirlpool W5811EOXUK1
    • Colour: Optic Inox (Stainless Steel)
    • Total Unit Net Capacity: 339 liters
    • Energy Class: F
    • Installation Type: Freestanding
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 188.9 cm
    • Width: 59.5 cm
    • Depth: 65.5 cm
  • Technical Features:
    • 6TH SENSE FreshControl: Monitors humidity levels within the entire fridge compartment to maintain ideal conditions for food freshness.
    • StopFrost: Efficiently collects frost for quick and even defrosting, making it easy to clean.
    • Electronic Control System: Guarantees precise temperature settings at all times.
    • Anti-fingerprint Treatment: Ensures easy removal of fingerprints, dust, and scratches.
    • Reversible Door: Can be opened from left or right for convenience.
    • Fresh Box: Creates ideal conditions for storing fruits and vegetables.
    • Fast Cooling: Temperature drops immediately when new food is stored.
    • LED Lighting: Energy-efficient LEDs provide even illumination throughout the refrigerator cavity.
    • LessFrost: Unique evaporator design reduces frost formation.